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[DVD] Boss X File (Region-3)
[DVD] Boss X File (Region-3)
[DVD] Boss X File (Region-3)
Item#: 14192
Regular price: $33.98
Sale price: $28.88

Product Description
Original title: Boss Sangnyuk Chakchon

Starring: Jeong Woon-Taek, Lee Ji-Hyeon, Seong Hyeon-A, Kim Bo-Seong, Ahn Mun-Suk
Director: Kim Sung-Duk
Studio: Cinexus / Metro DVD
Rating: 18 +
Genre: Comedy

This DVD is encoded with Region 3. Make sure your DVD player plays Region 3 DVD's

About this DVD

The new Korean film "Boss Sangnyuk Chakchon (Boss X File)" takes place in the seductive, seedy world of "room salons, or hostess bars," but then tries to add a twist to the familiar formula of gangster comedies. In the film, the police discover that the notorious gangster/politician Toksa meaning viper (Kim Bo-Seong) has been laundering illegal funds through his friend and hostess Choi-ri (Lee Ji-Hyeon). In an attempt to catch the two in the act, the detectives set up a fake room salon and mix in undercover cops with actual waiters and some of the most popular and quirkiest hostesses around, including Choi-ri.

The movie, which begins at an energetic pace and doesn?t let up throughout, relies on the idea of role-reversal for the bulk of its humor. The slapstick episodes based on cops trying to pose as coquettish hostesses, or respected detectives enduring the humility of pretending to be lowly waiters, flow freely. Some of the running jokes, such as a tough, unattractive police woman (Ahn Mun-Suk) who slowly discovers her romantic side, may be predictable, but are still funny enough to squeeze a laugh or two from the audience.

With flying hostesses and exaggerated fight scenes, the movie comes off as a cross between a "Police Academy" movie and a comic book, filled with cartoonish caricatures of different types of cops, gangsters and hostesses. While corrupt cops and monks who just want to party might make you think twice about what's being presented, "Boss X File" makes room salons seem like a pretty fun and happening place overall.

As if straight out of a textbook on how to make a successful comedy, the movie sprinkles in little digs at pop-culture icons, subtle take-offs of other films such as Contact, "The Big Boss," and "My Sassy Girl," various dance numbers and cameos by well-known comedians, all with varying degrees of success. By sustaining a quick pace and remaining somewhat entertaining for a full 105 minutes, "Boss X File," shows that there's still a little bit of life left in what's quickly becoming a paint-by-numbers genre.

Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround 
Video Format: Widescreen 1.85:1 (Anamporphic) 
Languages: Korean 
Subtitles: English, Korean 
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3 
Year Made: 2002 
Running Time: 108 
Special Features: Cast & Crews, Trailers, Making of Film (45 Min), Photo Gallery,
Interview with 2 casts, Easter Egg 


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