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Deranged (Region-A) [Blu-ray]
Deranged (Region-A) [Blu-ray]
Deranged (Region-A) [Blu-ray]
Item#: yeongashibr
Regular price: $45.99
Sale price: $38.99

Product Description
Korean Title: Yeon-gashi
Starring: Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa), Kim Myung Min, Moon Jung Hee
Director: Park Jeong Woo
Studio: CJ Entertainment
Genre: Drama/Horror

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This Blu-Ray Disc is encoded for Region A (Korea; Americas; East and Southeast Asia; U.S. territories; Bermuda). This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made for other regions unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players.
* A - Americas; East and Southeast Asia; U.S. territories; Bermuda / * B - Africa, Europe, Oceania; Middle East; Kingdom of the Netherlands; British overseas territories, French territories; Greenland / * C - Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People's Republic of China

About This DVD

All across the country, people are mysteriously drowning to death, the victims throwing themselves into water as if possessed and gruesomely wasting away. The epidemic sparks fear and hysteria, and the government declares a state of national emergency as the death toll rises and more and more people are diagnosed with the disease. Harried medical supplies salesman Jae Hyuk (Kim Myung Min) is just a normal, working man desperate to save his family as they begin to show symptoms similar to the victims. From his detective brother (Kim Dong Wan), he learns that a potential antidote does exist, but the medication is being withheld from the public...

This edition comes with commentary, making-of, special effects featurette, poster shoot, gallery, and trailer.

Audio Format: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48khz-16bit)
Video Format: 2.35:1 1080P AVC
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean  
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: A
Year Made: 2012
Running Time: -
Special Features: -

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