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Feng-shui for Office Workers 100
Feng-shui for Office Workers 100
Feng-shui for Office Workers 100
Item#: 8983002166
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Product Description
English Bestseller 14
by 21 Segi Yong-o Yon-guhoe

size: 223*152mm; 240pages. publisher: Goodmorning School, 2001.

Excerpt from the book

Place Plants in the Southeast

In any room of the workplace plants in this location enhance income luck. Fake plants are as effetive as real plants, but never use dried plants or arrangements. These emit unlucky energies..

Table of contents

1. Always Sit Facing the Door
2. Find the Power Spot in Your Office
3. Sit with Your Back to the Wall
4. Hang a Mountain Behind You
5. Energize the Turtle Symbol
6. Turn Your Shelves into Cupboards
7. Bolck Wall Edges with Flowers
8. Do Not Sit Facing a Pillar
9. Simulate a Bright Hall
10. Keep Cacti Out of the Office
11. Bolck Out Inauspicious Views
12. Wath Out For Overhead Beams
13. Never Hang a Pa Kua Inside
14. Avid the End of a Long Corridor
15. Display Something Red
16. Create a Water Feature
17. Place Plants in the Southeast
18. Don't Let Your Files Block You
19. Maintain Yin and Yang Balance
20. Attract Yang Energy with Lights

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