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Full Metal Panic! - NT Novel
Full Metal Panic! - NT Novel Full Metal Panic! - NT Novel
Full Metal Panic! - NT Novel
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Product Description
Korean Title: "Full Metal Panic"
Author: Shouji Gatou, Shiki Doji (arts illustration)
Translator: Yu-seon Min
Publisher: Daiwon CI

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The series is set in a modern, parallel world where the Cold War has yet to end and the KGB and other secret governmental agencies are running rampant. It follows the events of Sousuke Sagara, an unduly disciplined member of Mithril (an anti-terrorism organization which often operates under the guise of the UN), and Kaname Chidori, the schoolgirl whom he was assigned to protect. Chidori is considered to be one of the "Whispered"; that is, she possesses a inherent understanding of advanced Black Technology. Such knowledge was implanted genetically upon birth, of which she herself initially remained unaware of and consequently which she has access to only when in a near-comatose frenzy (which is generally induced through fear of harm). The Lambda Driver is an example of Black Technology which allows pilots of select Arm Slaves (combat mecha) to manifest their desires in defensive and offensive manuveurs. Therefore, the knowledge of the "Whispered" is highly desirable to both terrorists and governmental agencies alike.


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