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Goong (aka Princess Hours) - Completed Series
Goong (aka Princess Hours) - Completed SeriesGoong (aka Princess Hours) - Completed Series
Goong (aka Princess Hours) - Completed Series
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Product Description
Author: So-hee Park
Publisher: Seoul Munhwasa

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Goong (aka Gung, Palace, Princess Hours, Love in Palace) is a currently ongoing Manhwa series by author So-Hee Park. It has been adapted into a popular TV drama series of the same name, known in English as Princess Hours.

Major Characters

Chae-Gyeong Shin
: A seventeen year-old Korean girl who marries the Crown Prince of Korea because of a promise between her grandfather and the late King. Innocent and naive, she is deeply affected by the loneliness of her new life and longs for home. Because of this loneliness, she starts falling for Shin, even though he acts like a jerk with her.

Shin Lee: Crown prince or "Taeja-Jeonha" of Korea. He is portrayed in the beginning as arrogant and insensitive. Pressured to marry early, he accepts the choice his father and the elders give him (Chae-Gyeong) after being rejected by his girlfriend Hyorin. Shin later shows that Chae-Gyeong is the only one that is really close to him. He also doesn't want to let her go.

Yul Lee: Another prince of Korea and a cousin of Shin's. His father was the elder son of the late king, and he was born as the crown prince. However, at his father's death, the laws of succession passed the crown onto his uncle, so he and his mother left for England. After coming back the Korea, he ends up in the same class as Chae-Gyeong, and falls in love with her.

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