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On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (Region-All)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (Region-All)
On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (Region-All)
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Product Description
a.k.a. Kind of Life Original title: Saenghwarui Palgyon

Starring: Kim Sang-Gyeung, Ye Ji-Won, Chu Sang-Mi
Director: Hong Sang-Soo
Studio: I Vision / Cinexus
Rating: R
This item cannot be sold to minors under the legal age of 18.
Genre: Drama

About this DVD

1. On the Occasion Hong Sang-soo Discovers Laughter

A Director Who Sees What Others Can't
: A protagonist who cries out in the end. A lover who tearfully faces his/her terminal illness.
You won't find anything so dramatic in Hong Sang-soo's films.
A casual line that leaves a deep sting in the hearts of the audience.
He is able to harmonize laughter and tears at a quiet party, the maker of a sharp-edged film.

A Director Who Can Cook Up Time and Space
: A Science Fiction film that travels back and forth through time.
Millions of dollars spent on spectacular overseas locations. Hong Sang-soo refuses this type of grandeur. He doesn't need a time machine to create a totally different day. He can create a totally unique space from a familiar bar or alley.

Director Who Shows How Keenness meets Novelty
: 2002, Hong Sang-soo presents Turning Gate.
Hong shrewdly delves into people's hearts with dexterity. Seoul, Choonchun and Gyungjoo. A film as unique as the places it embodies. A film that eliminates the absurd and forced situations of existing comedy films.

2. Discovering a truly "Live" Film

The Day the Actors Fell into the Film
: Actors love Hong for drawing out their hidden talents and potentials and showcasing them on screen. But for Kim Sang-gyung, Yae Jee-won and Chu Sang-mi, their joy was short lived when they're faced with shocking circumstances... "Principal photography starts tomorrow. There's no script. Come as you are!"
The cast was called to the set without a chance to read the script, analyze their roles or even rehearse as is customary with other films. They were given no explanation of the roles or the situations.

100% Impromptu Lines 100% Impromptu Extras
: Turning Gate never had a finished script. Just a treatment written out like a novel. The cast would meet with the director every morning and would receive their lines for the day. The actors filled the empty spaces with their own words drawn from their own experiences. The extras were recruited 100% on location, on the spot, giving a real-time feel to the film. All the vitality and spirit of a real live concert fills the screen.

A lonely man...
Two beautiful women...
And an unpredictable love affair...

In the dreary and rigid city of Seoul, there lives a guy in the dumps. His name is Gyung-soo and he's an actor who's fairly well-known on stage. He trusted a director he knew well and acted in his movie, but it flopped. He persistently insisted on receiving his actor's fee, but all he got was a mere grand's worth. He also misses out on his chance to act in the next role he promised to do. The future looks cloudy for him.

Duck paddle boats pounding on top of the water in Choonchun City. After getting drunk, Myung-sook shows up and kisses Gyung-soo on the spot.

Gyung-soo goes down to Choonchun City to meet an old friend who's a writer. They go out to the town and Gyung-soo's friend introduces him to a pretty and well-curved dancer named Myung-sook. After having a drink with Gyung-soo and his friend, she suddenly hits on Gyung-soo and on the spur of the moment they hit it off and go to a motel. But no one knew that Gyung-soo's writer friend liked Myung-soo even though he never revealed his true feelings for her. Gyung-soo's relationship with his friend turns sour as Myung-sook becomes obsessively infatuated with Gyung-soo.

The faint sounds of the train in Gyungjoo City. He meets a mysterious woman named Sun-young.

Gyung-soo tries to put his bad memories of Choonchun behind him and gets on a train headed for Gyungjoo City. Sitting next to him on the train is a woman named Sun-young who entices him after recognizing his face. After she gets off the train, he chases after Sun-young and stops her, but she gives him mixed signals. Gyung-soo follows Sun-young to her house and on the next day he brews up enough courage to knock on her door. This time Gyung-soo becomes infatuated with love.

Audio Format: DD 5.1, 2.0 
Video Format: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 
Languages: Korean 
Subtitles: English, French, Korean 
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: ALL 
Year Made: 2001 
Running Time: 116 
Special Features: Interactive menus, Scene Selection, Cast & Crew, Audio Commentaries with casts, Highlight, Making Film, Theatrical Trailer  


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