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Yang Joon-il Maybe

Red Shoes (Region-3)
Red Shoes (Region-3)
Red Shoes (Region-3)
Item#: 3572430467
Regular price: $29.99
Sale price: $21.79

Product Description
Korean Title: Boon-hong-shin
Starring: Kim Hye-Su, Kim Seong-Su, Park Yeon-Ah
Director: Kim Yong-Gyun
Studio: Woo Sung Entertainment
Rating: 15+
Genre: Horror

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 3. This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made in other regions unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players. To learn more about the DVD Region Code, please visit our Info Page and read Info on DVD Region Code in Return Policy section.

About This DVD

Director Kim Yong-kyun attributes the strength of his upcoming horror film "Red Shoes (Punhong Sin)" to the great performance of seasoned actress Kim Hye-su.

"While I worked with Hye-su for about three months, I realized that experience is surely something valuable," said the director Monday after a preview screening held at Megabox Cineplex theater in Seoul. "There are many close-ups in the film and her facial muscles so brilliantly and freely express fear, desire and sorrow."

In the film, Kim Hye-su, who has an acting career of over 15 years, challenged herself in her role as Sun-jae, a mother who has an obsessive maternal instinct for her daughter and is blinded by love and ambition.

"This film will be satisfying for those who want to see a scary summer film as well as for those who want to see something a little different and more complicated, as it sheds light on the ruthless desire of humanity combined with a dose of sadness," Kim said. After first reading script, she was attracted to the story that deals interestingly with womenís fundamental desires even though the director is a man, Kim said.

But the seasoned actress recalled that filming was hard from the beginning to the end as there were many unusual scenes involving mental and physical challenges. "Though I found all the scenes difficult, of course, the most difficult scene was when I was soaked with a massive amount of blood coming out of the ceiling. But as the ceiling couldnít endure the weight of the blood until the director called `action,í it broke through so suddenly that I had to shoot the scene twice," Kim said.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersenís story "The Red Shoes," this is the first movie in the summerís lineup of local horror. It tells of a possessed pair of red shoes, which lead the owners to terrifying deaths. The film revolves around Sun-jae, who collects shoes as a hobby. One day she finds a pair of red shoes abandoned in a subway station and is mysteriously attracted to them.

When she puts them on, she feels delighted but also finds a hidden desire and even fights with her daughter, who is also attracted to them. Then, Sun-jae finds out the secret behind the shoes.

Before long, Sun Jae's marriage disintegrates when she discovers that her husband is carrying on an affair. Consequently, she is forced to strike out on her own and live a squalid existence with her six year old daughter, Tae Soo. While Sun Jae tries to adjust to her new life, her red shoes begin causing all sorts of problems for her. Sun Jae's knight in shining armor seems to come in the form of In Cheol (Kim Sung Soo), a good-looking interior designer who quickly develops feelings for the film's heroine.

Together will they be able to uncover the secret behind the enigmatic red shoes or will they somehow succumb to its terrifying power? Find out in startling truth in Red Shoes, a chilling horror film that sets an all new standard for Asian horror!

Audio Format: DD 5.1 Surround
Video Format: Widescreen 2.35:1 (Anamorphic)
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3
Year Made: 2005 
Running Time: 104 / 108
Special Features: -
Availability: Usually ships in 5-10 days
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