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Yang Joon-il Maybe

Spider Forest (Region-3 / 2 Disc Set)
Spider Forest (Region-3 / 2 Disc Set)
Spider Forest (Region-3 / 2 Disc Set)
Item#: 0511113382
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Product Description
Korean title: Geomisoop
Starring: Kam Wu-Seong, Seo Jeong 
Director: Song Il-Gon
Studio: Woo Sung Entertainment
Rating: 18+
Genre: Horror 

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This DVD is encoded for Region 3 (Southeast Asia & East Asia --- including Korea & Hong Kong). This DVD will NOT be viewable on regular DVD players made in other regions unless they are code-(region-)free DVD players. To learn more about the DVD Region Code, please visit our Help Page and read Info on DVD Region Code.

About This DVD

Encounter of a collaborate mystery and a delicate drama

A man is thrown into a mysterious situation without knowing why. What happened to him? He's already lost his memory in brain surgery following a car accident. He pieces together his broken memory and steps closer to the truth. What Spider Forest gives to the audience isn't only mystery, but intense feelings of characters changing as complicated evens unfold. Keeping a delicate balance between collaborated events and intense human feelings, the film strikes the right chord of the audiences' senses that so-called well-made films such as Memories of Murder and Old Boy did. In 2004, the Korean audience will witness the arrival of a new type of thriller that is both mysterious and sensitive.

Forest, a mysterious place and its luring charm

The forest can be the coziest place on earth in broad daylight, but as darkness falls, it can also be the strangest place. Crowed with trees like mazes, the forest never reveals its true colors to humans. It's mysterious and secret enough to make us awestruck. In this sense, what could be a better place for a tragedy and the shocking truth to be hidden? To capture the true identity of Spider Forest on camera, the crew searched the whole country to find the right forest that still has a primitive look to it. In this beautiful, but dismal forest, 60% of the film was shot on location. There's no doubt that the audience will be fascinated by its mysterious, luring charm.

Audio Format: DD 5.1 Surround, DD 2.0 Stereo, DTS 
Video Format: Widescreen 1:78:1 (Anamorphic) 
Languages: Korean
Subtitles: English, Korean  
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3
Year Made: 2004 
Running Time: 112
Special Features: - Scene Selection
- Interview with Actors (3)
- Making of Film
- Deleted Scenes
- Trailer
- Teaser Trailer
- Photo Gallery


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