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Yang Joon-il Maybe

Item#: 8901093421
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Product Description
Korean Title: Tango
Author: Hye-sun Gu
304 pages | 190*130mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Currently overworked Boys Before Flowers (Boys over Flowers) star Gu Hye-sun now has a title and publication date for her upcoming book: ¡°Tango,¡± and March 31.

Gu Hye-sun: ¡°One day, I was listening to the song ¡®Tango¡¯ by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a lot of stories went through my mind. That¡¯s why I titled the book ¡®Tango¡¯ and how I started writing. The book deals with the loves and breakups that one woman experiences, and her growth through them. The main character is a lot like me.¡±

This isn¡¯t Gu Hye-sun¡¯s first writing endeavor — she¡¯d scripted the short film she directed, The Cheerful Caretaker — but Tango will be her first book.

Despite the entire cast of the drama series scraping by on minimal sleep or rest, Gu Hye-sun has actually been writing her novel AS she¡¯s been shooting Boys Before Flowers. (Not only that, she actually started Tango after starting work on BBF; she has has been writing for the past four months in her spare moments. As though she has any.) After her car accident a few weeks ago, her first concern was for her laptop computer, fearing that her work had been destroyed (it hadn¡¯t), and continued writing as she recovered in the hospital.

After the book comes out, Gu has announced her intention to put out a ¡°new age album¡± of music she¡¯s written. I¡¯m all for exercising creative talent, but geez, I¡¯m tired even reading about it.

Lady, get some rest, please! (Yer making the rest of us lazy bums look bad.)

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