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Item#: 9788956607030
Regular price: $27.36
Sale price: $23.26

Product Description
by Yoo-jung Jung
Korean title: 28

size: 210*150mm; 496 pages,
publisher: Eunhaengnamu

This book is written in Korean only.

About this book

Author Jung Yoojung won the 1st International Youth Literature Awards with ‘My Life’s Spring Camp’, won the 5th International Literature Awards with ‘Shoot My Heart’, and has a bestseller novel ‘The Night of 7 Years’. This novel is her long story, and tells the story over the 28 days at the city ‘Hwayang’, which means ‘Fire sunshine’. It tells the story of the longing of survival and heated salvation of humans and all that’s alive.

The author uses a realistic outlook of the world as well as realistic character settings to draw the city of destroyed humans who have turned into demons in an instant. The cogs are the points of views of 5 people and 1 dog, and the 6 descriptive cogs soars into a realistic story after clenching the reader’s hearts.

The conjunctions are strictly eliminated, and the sentences that are cut short to the extreme show the power of the breathing, jumping descriptions and the explosive story. The way the humans never give up hope even in the face of despair and anger touches the heart as well. This story is one of everything that wants to live.

The city of Hwayang is a suburb near the capital. An unknown infectious disease breaks out from the city that hoses 290,000 people. The first contractor is a middle aged man who used to breed dog. The man had contracted the new flu, and after getting bit by a sick dog, his eyes swell up red and he starts to bleed from his entire body, including his lungs. The disease starts to spread from the 119 emergency response workers that were deployed to save him. In an instant, the emergency doctors and nurses’ eyes turn red, and suddenly die in a few days. Soojin, a nurse in ER, and Kijoon, a fireman, starts to understand the severity of the situation…

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