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7 Healthy Habits
7 Healthy Habits
7 Healthy Habits
Item#: 9788925576947
Regular price: $33.02
Sale price: $28.06

Product Description
Author : 임영빈
Publisher : RHK

This book is written in Korean.

In this day and age, a long, healthy life is the default. Unless a freak accident or life-threatening illness strikes. If your first thought is money, then this book is for you. If your first thought is health, then this book is for you. In fact, the vast majority of people in this country are managing their assets for retirement, but they're missing out on what's really important: their health. Here's a bone-chilling truth: You can't rest without money, but you can't live without health.

Dr. Youngbin Lim, a geriatrician at UCLA and then Stanford University Hospital, met the wealthiest 1% in Palo Alto, California. The "old money" at the Stanford Senior Clinic, whose families had been wealthy for generations, were very different in mindset, attitude, and values from the Korean-Americans in Los Angeles that he had immigrated to as a child. They had personal health planners and systematically managed their health, just as they planned for retirement, and wanted to pass on to their children not only how to protect and grow their wealth, but also the secrets to living well and enjoying it.

The author wrote this book to share the quality medical knowledge he learned at Stanford's Department of Geriatrics through his YouTube channel, "88 to 99_Youngbin Lim Internal Medicine," and to publicize the seven secrets of disease-free longevity that he captured from the top 1% of wealthiest seniors in the United States, ranging from muscles, heart, brain, medicine, health checkups, hospital use, and how to prepare for the end of life.

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