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The Adventures of Bond Girl Mimi
The Adventures of Bond Girl Mimi
The Adventures of Bond Girl Mimi
Item#: 8954602770
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Product Description
Korean Title: Bond Girl Mimiyangeui Moheom
Author: Hyun-jong OH
Publisher: Munhakdongne
230 pages | 210*146mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Winner of 2007 Arts Council Korea Excellent Literature Prize

"A page-turner. Despite the somber message, the narrative remains taut." -- Dong-A Ilbo

"A fun novel. The depiction of Bond and Bond Girlís pettiness is as entertaining as a scene from a graphic novel." -- Joongang Ilbo

Through more than twenty episodes of James Bond 007, we have never been privy to what happens to the Bond Girls. Where have all the Bond Girls gone? Mimi, the Bond Girl who defied the fate of Bond Girls who must be "discarded" after a mission, decides to become a spy herself.

After a challenging mission involving the usual daring action and technical gizmos, James Bond turns into a typical Korean man who sprawls on the sofa watching TV all day, prefers sex to conversations, and skips the foreplay. When James Bond dumps Mimi, she is determined to become a spy on her own. Far from a knockout blonde, Mimi is a young, unemployed woman who applied to and was rejected by forty companies. A former keeper of the cash register at her older sisters galbi restaurant, Mimi puts herself through arduous training to earn a 013 (license to kill) and become a spy. Initially a way of getting back at James, her life as a spy becomes a fulfilling identity as she completes the cutthroat training and carries out one deadly mission after another. She finally becomes "herself," not another throwaway "Bond Girl."

One day, Mimi is assigned to a mission called "Mission White Fear Exile," which fails due to internal treachery. While getting to the bottom of the conspiracy, Mimi discovers a shocking truth. The traitor is M, 007ís boss and the one who accepted Mimi as a spy. The reason for Ms attempt to kill 007, whom he thought of as his own son, was that he loved him too much. M takes his own life, and Mimi continues to live the life of 013, the secret safe with her.

About the Author
Born 1973, Seoul. Studied social work at Ehwa Womans University and creative writing at Myeongji University. Recipient of the 1999 Literature and Ideology New Writers Award. She has published Seiren and You Are a Witch.

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