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All About KOREA
All About KOREA
All About KOREA
Item#: 9788959390236
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Product Description
Author: John Yun
Publisher: Hongik Media Plus
168 pages | 248*176mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in ENGLISH.

About This Book

All About KOREA is to introduce people, especially students, teachers, foreigners and tourists, to the culture of Korea. It‘s not easy to find this kind of educational book about Korea.

I developed this manuscript through the years at the request of individuals, school boards and other authorities in British Columbia, Canada.

While I was doing the research for this book in Canada and the United States I found that there was a serious shortage of information about Korea for educational purposes. Both the public libraries and the universities lacked suitable educational material about Korea - this is surprising when one considers the importance of Korea as a member of the Pacific Rim and the rest of the world.

I believe that All About KOREA accurately portrays the best of Korea. My hope is that this book will reach the widest possible audience. I feel very strongly that the information presented within these pages is the most relevant information about Korea required by students and teachers.

I would like to thank the Burnaby School Board, as well Ms. Lisa Hwang and other friends who love Korea, for the encouragement to publish an educational book about Korea.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 Geography
1. World Map
2. Map of Neighboring Countries
3. Satellite Photo Image
4. Countries That Surround Korea
5. Korean Peninsula

CHAPTER 2 General Information
1. General Information about Korea
2. Cities of South Korea
3. Cities
4. Cheju Island

CHAPTER 3 National Symbols
1. The Land of Morning Calm
2. Tagukki - The Flag of South Korea
3. Mugungwha - National Flower

CHAPTER 4 History & Religion
1. Brief History of Korea
2. Political System
3. Religion
4. Buddha’s Birthday

CHAPTER 5 Ancient Works of Art
1. Bulguksa Temple
2. Seokguram at Ancient Kyungju City
3. Dabotap
4. Emille Bell
5. Celadon Pottery
6. Sokrisan National Park
7. Seoraksan National Park
8. Snow-white Red-crowned Crane

CHAPTER 6 Zodiac
1. Lunar Calendar
2. Zodiac

CHAPTER 7 Visiting Korea
1. The Best Time to Visit Korea
2. Currency
3. Shopping in Seoul
4. Grocery Shopping & Food Courts

CHAPTER 8 Family
1. Family Names
2. Marriage & Family Life
3. Greetings
4. Physical Contact Between the Sexes

CHAPTER 9 Education
1. Education
2. Educational System
3. Education Fever - Cram School
4. Goose Father

CHAPTER 10 Language
1. Hangeul (The Korean Letter)
2. Confusing Spellings & Sounds
3. Language
4. Handwriting Patterns
5. Understanding Korean Writing
6. Pronunciation & Writing Practice
7. Popular Expressions

1. Korean Food
2. Popular Korean Food
3. Recipes (Kimchi, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Bulkalbi)
4. Traditional Korean Liquors
5. Korean Ginseng
6. Acupuncture
7. Etiquette

CHAPTER 12 Traditional Clothing
1. Hanbok - Traditional Clothing
2. Girl’s Clothing
3. Boy’s Clothing
4. Traditional Wedding

CHAPTER 13 Anniversary & National Holidays
1. New Year’s Day
2. Chuseok - The Harvest Moon Festival
3. First Birthday
4. 60th Birthday
5. National Holidays

CHAPTER 14 Lifestyle
1. Social Life & Drinking
2. Leisure Time
3. Understanding Korean Superstitions

CHAPTER 15 Songs
1. National Anthem
2. Traditional Folk Songs
3. Arirang
4. Kapdori & Kapsuni
5. Kohyang Eui Bom

CHAPTER 16 Traditional Instruments
1. The Farmer’s Band
2. Traditional Instruments

CHAPTER 17 Example of Renowned Literature
1. The Short Story of Two Brothers
2. Poetry of Sowol Kim

CHAPTER 18 Traditional Games & Sports
1. Traditional Games
2. Sports139
3. Taekwondo - Traditional Korean Martial Art
4. Ssirum
5. Yudo
6. Haedong Gumdo
7. The Magic Golf Princess
8. The World Soccer Cup
9. Sports of Korea - Crossword Puzzles

CHAPTER 19 Transportation Systems
1. Major Airlines
2. Modernized Railways
3. Inter-city Services

CHAPTER 20 Useful Expressions
1. Greetings
2. Around City
3. Emergencies
4. Korean Food
5. Drinks(Alcohols) & Vegetables
6. Meat & Fish
7. Amount
8. Korean Numbers & Counting

1. South Korea Map(for travel)
2. Subway Map (Seoul, Pusan)

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