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Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-1: Division (5 volumes)
Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-1: Division (5 volumes)
Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-1: Division (5 volumes)
Item#: 9791156620891
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Product Description
Title: Bailingol Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-1: Division (5 volumes)
Korean Title: 바이링궐 에디션 한국 대표소설 110-1: 분단
Author: Lee Cheong-jun,Kim Won Il,Hyun Ki-young,Park Wan-seo,Cho Jung-rae,
Publisher: Asian
ISBN: 9791156620891
100page /115 * 188 mm

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>>>This book is written in Korean & English..

About This Book

#1:이청준(Chung-jun Lee): 병신과 머저리(The Wounded)
#2:김원일(Won-il Kim): 어둠의 혼(Soul of Darkness)
#3:현기영(Kee-young Hyun): 순이삼촌(Sun-i Samchon)
#4:박완서(Wan-seo Park): 엄마의 말뚝(Mother s stake). 1
#5:조정래(Jung-rae Cho): 유형의 땅(The Land of the Banished)

Partition and Division

The theme of partition and division following the Korean War features prominently in the first five of the selected stories: 'The Wounded' by Yi Cheong-jun, 'Soul of Darkness' by Kim Won-il, 'Sun-i Samchon' by Hyun Ki-yong, 'Mother's Stake 1' by Pak Wanseo and 'The Land of the Banished' by Jo Jung-rae.

Yi's The Wounded, one of the author's earlier stories, conveys the disillusionment of youths in postwar Korea as lived out by two brothers, the older who carries vivid, searing memories of the war and the younger who clings to the outer trappings of a pain no less real for being mostly projected. The author, himself regarded as a key writer of the 'April 19 Generation, which refers to those involved in the short-lived student movement that rallied for democracy in April 1960, is also famous for his later novella Seopyeonje. The story of traveling pansori singers was later made into a feature film that brought new attention to the traditional genre.

'Mother's Stake 1, the first of a three-part volume, looks at the complex, intertwining history of politics, culture, and family in Korea through the eyes of a mother of five who struggles to bear the pain of losing her older brother to the war and losing her country to partition. Author Pak became one of Korea's most popular writers after publishing her first work at the age of 40. Though it is clear that both her writings and her personal life speak of the tragedy of Korea's experiences with colonization and war, she has been described by translator Stephen Epstein as one who stood in the middle of tragedy without being overcome by it.

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