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Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-3: Women (5 volumes)
Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-3: Women (5 volumes)
Bilingual Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-3: Women (5 volumes)
Item#: 9791156620914
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Product Description
Title: Bailingol Edition Korea's Representative Novel 110-3: Women (5 volumes)
Korean Title: 바이링궐 에디션 한국 대표소설 110-3: 여성
Author: (Jung-hee Oh, Kyung-sook Sin, Yoon Choi,l Ji-young Gong, Hee-kyung Eun
Publisher: Asian
ISBN: 9791156620914
100page /115 * 188 mm

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>>>This book is written in Korean & English.

About This Book

#11:오정희(Jung-hee Oh): 중국인 거리(Chinatown)
#12:신경숙(Kyung-sook Sin): 풍금이 있던 자리(The Place Where the Harmonium Was)
#13:최윤(Yoon Choi): 하나코는 없다(The Last of Hanako)
#14:공지영(Ji-young Gong): 인간에 대한 예의(Human Decency)
#15:은희경(Hee-kyung Eun): 빈처(Poor Man s Wife)

Women in Korean Society

The final five volumes in the series look at the shifting attitudes and roles assumed by and for women in Korean society during the past decades of transformation. Diverse experiences are presented by the female authors in the following works: 'Chinatown' by Oh Jung-hee, 'The Place Where the Harmonium Was' by Shin Kyung-sook, 'The Last of Hanak'o' by Choe Yun, 'Human Decency' by Gong Jiyong, and 'Poor Man's Wife' by Eun Hee-kyung.

Oh's 'Chinatown' follows the life of a nine-year-old girl who flees with her family to the outskirts of the port city of Incheon after the outbreak of war.

In a former Chinese settlement bordered by military camp towns and the general debris of post-war decline, the young girl confronts in her own ways the realities of death and the inevitable awareness that comes with age.

Choe's 'The Last of Hanak' explores the dynamics of social marginalization and the attitudes that enable it through the story of a female college student who struggles to be accepted and understood by the mostly male members of a social group. The two authors met with readers and critics to discuss their works and the newly published series at a book concert on July 25.

'The Place Where the Harmonium Stood' is the first of Shin Kyung-sook's short stories to be published in English. As with many of the authors featured in the new series, Shin has become an internationally recognized name. Last March, she became the first Korean and the only woman to win the Man Asian Literary Prize for Please Look After Mom, which has been distributed in 19 countries to date.

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