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Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.3)
Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.3)
Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.3)
Item#: 9788956602677
Regular price: $22.64
Sale price: $19.24

Product Description
Author: Nam Chi-hyung
Publisher: EunHaeng Namu
Pub. Date: Oct. 2008
Paperback: 207 pages
Dimensions (in inches): 8.86 x 5.94 x 0.51

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>>>This book is written in English.

About This Book

Baduk, a game including life and remarkable joy Black and White stones, and a wooden board as their battle field. These simple instruments and just two player are all you need to play it, Baduk. There are several theories about its origin. One says that King Yo, the Sage has made it to amend character of his son who like fighting. Another claims that King Sun had contrived to train his son who was not so bright. The other insists it was made at the Age of the Warring States to teach arts of war. There are also other hypothesis; Baduk has been developed from a instrument for astronomy. Baduk has lasted over 2,500 years, it could be impossible to find the correct answer about its origin. However, it is sure what those suppositions means; Baduk indicates heaven, earth, and universe and its law and order. There are ten principles handed down from ancient times, that we should bear in mind to become a good player: don't be so greedy to win; don't rush toward th opponent's territory in full vigor; be aware of your own weakness before making an attack; take the initiative; sacrifice the small for the big; drop useless stones resolutely in case of emergency; don't act in haste; grasp the opponent's situation and cope with it; keep the balance; and don't be stubborn when isolated. These teachings are applicable not only to Baduk, but also for a wise and peaceful life. We are able to learn lessons through Baduk that will lead to harmonious and joyful lives with others. Someone may think it is too difficult and boring for its profundity and abstruse reason. How pity he is! You could find yourself amusing at Baduk more and more for its depth and true taste. Baduk gives us pleasure we couldn't get easily from other games. Baduk, learned from a woman professional player For beginners, it's hard to get some places or teachers for Baduk easily. Especially foreign amateurs have difficulty in getting useful help. Since Baduk is rooted in China, Korea and Japan, foreigners get insufficient informations evne their huge interest and demand about it. There are regular Baduk competition over the world already and many foreigners attend them. Their interest and need are getting bigger and bigger for Baduk, but its supply are not enough. Chihyung Nam a professional Baduk player in Korea and professor wrote the newly-published book Baduk, Made Fun and Easy Vol.2 (language: English)to help these Baduk these foreign beginners. This book is from her popular series of articles 'Baduk, Made Fun and Easy' published in the Koreatimes over two year. Nam gave you great lessons from the basic of Baduk including the terms and rules to practical steps by stages at Baduk, Made Fun and Easy Vol.1 published in 2006, and now she lead the way to the next level through this new book. You can get more profound lessons including Sente, Joseki, Ko, Sacrifice, Atari, and other technical skills in addition to conceptional teachings, so you could develop yourself by laying the foundation. Besides, you could also get some interesting informations: how to be a professional player in Korea; Baduk in North Korea; and some useful proverbs. Until now, foreigners used to get some information about it from Japan, so they feel Japanese word 'Go' more familiar than 'Baduk' the Korean. Nam is talking about 'Baduk' not 'Go' now, but you can enjoy this book without confusion. Baduk fans over the world are interested in Korean Baduk, but they get few information about Baduk. They concern Korean Baduk including its term and professional player in Korea more and more. You can get not only basic Baduk rules and techniques but also Korean Baduk culture and its pleasure. You will find yourself enjoying Baduk with this easy but detailed guide and helpful color pictures.

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