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The Best Baby pretty and lucky Korean name 1000
The Best Baby pretty and lucky Korean name 1000
The Best Baby pretty and lucky Korean name 1000
Item#: 9788971904404
Regular price: $37.74
Sale price: $32.08

Product Description
Title: The Best Baby pretty name and lucky name 1000
Korean Title: 아기 운이 쑥쑥 예쁜 이름 좋은 이름 1000
Author:Sang-won Park
Publisher: Donghaksa
500 page/ 190 * 240 mm/ 1169g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

The naming principle introduced in this book is a naming convention consisting of nine characteristics: Han, Tie, Sam, Sol, Light, Cham, Dan, Gil, and Wool.
Each of them is linked to nine secret codes that allow you to look into the fate of one person.
In other words, it is expressed in the form of a one- to-one thousand square, band-to-ten thousand long, Sam-10 guardian, Sol-imagination, light-oohang, Cham-yukchin, Dan-12 Jisin, Gil-12 star constellation, and Wool-12 rhymes.
Among them, 81,000 are heaven-sent names, Yook-chin and Oh-haeng are used as human-desired names, 12th and 12th constellations as tools for finding wish-fulfilling names. Based on Samjae, which is heaven, earth, and man, we draw a big picture of fate and use the pronunciation error of the Korean alphabet created by Samjae's principle, which is also heavenly, to connect comfortably with fate.

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