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Bienvenue au paradis (Korean)
Bienvenue au paradis (Korean)
Bienvenue au paradis (Korean)
Item#: 9788932920405
Regular price: $24.15
Sale price: $20.53

Product Description
Bienvenue au paradis
Author: Bernard Werber
Publisher: Open books
ISBN: 9788932920405
Hardcover 224 pages / 128 * 188mm / 346g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

"Welcome to heaven. The trial will begin soon, so please sit in the defendant's seat."Anatol Pichon, named 'Soul Number,' is puzzled. A little while ago, he was undergoing lung cancer surgery. Carolyn, his "guardian" and lawyer, announces that his soul has come to court in heaven because he died suddenly during surgery. Anatol, who worked as a judge during his lifetime, suddenly became a defendant.

The court of heaven, the outcome of a strict judgment that looks back on the life of a human being, determines the next life. Anatol and Karolin express how good he has been, but the prosecutor of heaven is not so easy. One by one the sins he didn't even remember are revealed. Can Anatol prove that he has lived well to the end and avoid the poles? a delightful play by Bernard Werber

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