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Cat Psychology Dictionary
Cat Psychology Dictionary
Cat Psychology Dictionary
Item#: 9788970125121
Regular price: $27.36
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Product Description
Title: Cat Psychology Dictionary
Korean Title: 고양이 심리사전
Author:Tamako Tamagoyama
Translated : Jinseon Choi
Publisher: Moonhak sasangsa
ISBN: 9788970125121
200page /128 * 182 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Popular cat cartoonist Tamako Tamagoyama and zoologist Tadaaki Imaiizumi meet!
Cute pictures with detailed characteristics of cats and explanations based on the latest research will surprise you no matter which part you read!

Cats always comfort us with their cute looks and erratic behavior.
However, behind their lovely appearance, they also have a tricky side: it is difficult to read their expressions and it is difficult to know what they are thinking.
Here is a book that tells such companions the real inner feelings of cats. This book, which summarizes the questions that cat lovers may have once felt and informs them in a Q&A format, is characterized by a wide range of information.
Research materials and data statistics verified through the supervision of zoologist and director of the Japan Institute of Animal Sciences Tadaaki Imaiizumi, the director of the Cat Museum, are added to faithfully answer readers' questions, as well as the cat manga "My Cat Has Been Strange Again". Handa” by Tamakoyama Tamako, who gained a lot of popularity, presents a delightful and cute picture. Thanks to this, in Japan, the 8th edition broke through two months after it was published.

Simple yet detailed, the cat's movements, actions, and poses are full of interesting episodes that even non-cat owners can enjoy and read.
This 『Cat Psychology Dictionary』, which depicts the daily life of a couple living with two cats with exquisite gag codes, while adding scientific and professional explanations, will provide readers with great interest and spectacle.

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