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Changgyonggung Palace (Korean Ancient Palaces)
Changgyonggung Palace (Korean Ancient Palaces)
Changgyonggung Palace (Korean Ancient Palaces)
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Product Description
Korean Ancient Palaces 3
size: 217*204mm; 48 pages. publisher: Yolwhadang.

About this book
Ch'anggyonggung is at the foot of a northern hill, and a stream runs from north to south, flowing in front of the main hall. This southward flow was believed to produce many male descendants. A bridge is over this stream as in all Choson royal palaces

Table of contents
- Historical Background
- How was Ch'anggyonggung Palace built
- Ch'anggyonggung palace and Its Landscape
- The Whole View of Ch'anggyonggung Palace
- The Map of Ch'anggyonggung Palace
- Okch'onkyo Bridge
- Honghwamun Gate
- Myongjongmun Gate
- Myongjongjon Hall
- Pinyangmun Gate and Corridor in Rear of Myongjongjon
- Munjongjon Hall and Munjongmun Gate
- Sungmundang Hall
- Haminjong Pavilion
- Hwankyongjon Hall
- Kyongch'unjon Hall
- Yanghwadang Hall
- T'ongmyoungjon Hall
- Pond Near T'ongmyongjon Hall
- Fantastic Stones in Front of the Former Museum
- P'unggidae Wind streamer
- Kwanch'ondae Observatory
- Wings and Covered Passageways of Myongjongjon
- Changnakmun Gate of Naksonjae
- Naksonjae
- Sokpokhon and Its Railings
- Decorated Walls of Naksonjae
- Flower Terraces of Rear Gardens of Naksonjae
- Hanjongdang
- Sugangjae
- Sangryangjong
- Ch'uiunjong
- Wolgwangmun Gate
- Ch'undangji Pond
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