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Christian Apologetics Complete Edition (4-Volume Set)
Christian Apologetics Complete Edition (4-Volume Set)
Christian Apologetics Complete Edition (4-Volume Set)
Item#: 8938901866-74-82-90
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Product Description
Korean Title: Gidokgyo Byeonjeung Chongseo
Author: Josh McDowell
Translator: Jin-tak Oh
Publisher: Soon
4-volume set | 235*158mm

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>>>This book is written in Korean.
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About This Book

As a practitioner of Christian apologetics, McDowell's writings have concentrated on addressing challenges to belief, questions posed by non-Christians, doubts about faith, and non-Christian religions. He has not written about apologetic theory and method. However, his apologetic methodology can be deduced from his writings and it is clear that McDowell stands within the evidentialist tradition of Christian apologetics. In that tradition apologists tend to present positive arguments to commend belief in Christ by emphasising historical and legal proofs to establish the authenticity of the biblical texts and the divinity of Christ.

In books such as Evidence That Demands A Verdict, The Resurrection Factor, and He Walked Among Us, McDowell has arranged his arguments by pleading for a cumulative case of evidences, such as archaeological discoveries, the extant manuscripts of the biblical texts, fulfilled prophecies, and the miracle of the resurrection. In More Than A Carpenter he blended historical argument with legal arguments concerning the direct witness and circumstantial evidences for Jesus' life and resurrection. He employed a similar line of argument in his debate titled 'Was Christ crucified?' with the South African Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat in Durban during August, 1981.

Much of his evidentialist work reflects the views of apologists such as John Warwick Montgomery, Norman Geisler, Gleason Archer, and Gary Habermas.

Other foci of his apologetics have included challenging the methodology, assumptions and conclusions drawn in higher criticism of the Old Testament and form and redaction criticism of the gospels. His work in this area has consisted of a popular summarisation of scholarly debate, particularly from Evangelical discussions about higher critical theories. In the late 1980s and into the 1990s his apologetic writings interacted with challenges expressed in popular books like The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, The Lost Years of Jesus, and the writings of the humanist George A. Wells.

He has also collated apologetic arguments concerning the doctrine of Christ's deity as in Jesus: A Biblical Defense of His Deity. In two companion volumes he and his colleague Don Stewart have addressed popular questions and objections to faith concerning biblical inerrancy and Bible discrepancies, Noah's Flood, and creation versus evolution.

McDowell and Stewart have also popularised the arguments of other apologists in the Christian countercult movement, particularly the work of Walter Martin, in the Handbook of Today's Religions. In their criticisms of cults and occult beliefs McDowell and Stewart concentrate on doctrinal apologetic questions, especially pertaining to the deity of Christ, and pointing out heretical beliefs in the non-orthodox religious groups they profile.

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