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Chosun Dynasty Annals 2 : Jungjong, Taejong
Chosun Dynasty Annals 2 : Jungjong, Taejong
Chosun Dynasty Annals 2 : Jungjong, Taejong
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Product Description
Title: Chosun Dynasty Annals 2 : Jungjong, Taejong
Author: Deok Il Lee
Publisher: Dasan Chodang
388 page 156*227*24 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

78 dramas in the background of Joseon! So much history of Joseon is a perfect drama in itself. All of this is because there was an annals that recorded all of the Joseon dynasty. Unfortunately, few readers read the Joseon dynasty annals properly. Because of its vastness, only digest history books focusing on knowledge transfer have been published.

Therefore, Lee Duck Il, the best historian who represents our age, publishes an insightful storytelling and insight into the essence of human life. It is a history book that was born at the end of writing for 10 years, researching materials, and writing for 5 years. The publication market, which had many primer books, was finally the birth of the 'Orthodox Chosun Dynasty Records'.

In this book, Lee Duk-il, who has been creating the style of historical literary books for years, pays a question to the existing interpretation and finds modern meaning with its unique sharp and rigid style. In particular, the unique evaluation of the key figures who led Chosun gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on his life deeply.

If the foundation of the new country's shipbuilding was established with Taejo, it is the Taejong Dynasty who built the skeleton firmly. In the second volume of Lee Duck-il's "Chosun Dynasty", Taejong holds the power through the prince's line twice and rescinds his religion and conscience. He quickly establishes the rule of law in the inside and punishes the Tsushima outside. Draw a journey to receive and close your eyes.

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