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The Climate and Culture of Korea
The Climate and Culture of Korea
The Climate and Culture of Korea
Item#: 8962911310
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Product Description
Author: Seung-ho Lee, Jin-a Park
Publisher: Purungil
288 pages | 210*152mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Climate change might be one of the hottest issues these days across the entire globe. Korea has also been experiencing such a change in recent years.
This book introduces the climate of Korea and how it affects the Korean way of life and culture -- such as seasonal customs, rice farming and “gimjang” (making kimchi for winter) -- to help foreigners understand the country.
The book is written in four parts. First, it explains important factors that form Korea’s climate. Second, it tells about seasons that distinguishes Korea such as the rainy season. Third, it describes such climatic elements as temperature, precipitation, wind, fog and frost. Finally, the book shows how climate affects the Korean way of life.
The author is one of the most renowned climate scholars in the nation. The English version of his book carries not only abundant knowledge about climate and its influence but also colorful photos and graphics. Although the book requires difficult and complicated expert knowledge, it is useful to grasp the relationship between climate and culture.
--Chung Ah-young



1. Why do we need to know about the climate?

Part 1 Factors of the Korean Climate
2. The Korean peninsula is in the middle latitudes on the eastern edge of the Eurasian continent
3. How the Taebaek Mountains affect Korea's climate and culture
4. Air masses: a tale of outside influences

Part 2 It's only really winter when it's cold; only really summer when it's hot
5. It has to be cold to be winter
6. The joys of spring
7. Why do we need the rainy season?
8. The sweltering summer is here
9. The high skies of autumn

Part 3 Temperature, Rainfall, Wind, Fog, and Frost
10. Temperature
11. Most of Korea's rain comes in the summer
12. Different winds for different seasons
13. Fog and frost are local phenomena

Part 4 Traditional Korean solutions to weather challenges
14. How do people live in windy areas?
15. Adapting to a snowy climate
16. Meeting the challenges of hot and cold weather

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