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Cookies of Zen - Simple and Sudden Way to Enlightenment
Cookies of Zen - Simple and Sudden Way to Enlightenment
Cookies of Zen - Simple and Sudden Way to Enlightenment
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Product Description
Author: Ven. Myo Vong
Publisher: Eunhaengnamu
396 pages

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in English.

About This Book

Easy but Profound Guide for Searching True Mind and Self The western culture, having christianity as its matrix, has been suffered by side effect of materialism with the progress of civilization these days. Accordingly, people become interested in something spiritual and the inner world more and more. Likewise, they also has been concerned about Buddhism which regards the true-self and true-nature as important. Especially, the conception of Zen is very popular to westerners, and the word of 'zen' is used in a various field already. Many people in western culture would like to learn what is zen and how to study it. The great Zen Masters of Korean have visited to western world like the United States to teach the Korean Son(Zen in Korean) in 1970s. Since then the Korean Buddhism and its wisdom remain in existence until now. Among them, Master Myo-Vong who opened several temples and shrine in America has published his new book Cookies of Zen for the westerners who are interested in Zen but hardly know how to study it. Cookies of Zen has most important teachings and talks of Hye-Am, the Venerable Master in Korea who also had visited to U.S. with Myo-Vong, Pojo, the founder Korean Son in the 9th century, Kyung-Ho, the great master who cultivated Korean Modern Buddhism, Boddhidharma or Dhama the initiator of Chinese Ch'an (Zen) and the author Myo-Vong. These grand masters give lessons on the basis of what is Hwa-Du (Catechism) and how to study it, and enlighten the readers with various Hwa-Dus directly. Read the Hwa-Du and meditate, then read the comments of great masters. The wisdom of this book make people attain spiritual enlightenment not only whom believe in Buddhism but also non-believer even the christians. You could have a chance for being deeply moved and self-reflected. As you could catch from the tile 'cookies of zen,' this book is written easy and comfortable so that westerners who aren't familiar the concept of the oriental religion. Nevertheless, Cookes of Zen is not a kind of book you could throw it after quick reading. It is a guide for emancipation and workbook for the practice of mind, the spiritual training. The wisdom Master Myo-Vong explained is simple but profound at the same time. You read this book again and again, listen the question from you deep mind continually. Then finally you could be spiritually awakened and find your own Buddha in your inner world. What is Zen? Yelling without tongue. What is Buddha? Talking mouth is the source of all sins. What is the utmost word of all Teachings? Woon-moon said, "cookie."

About the Author
Master Shin, Myo-Vong was born in Korea in 1943. During difficult times, he excelled academically and ascended to become professor of philosophy at Dong-guk University. In 1966, Master Myo-Vong received the Tao from Venerable Master Deok-San and, at the Venerable Master's suggestion, he came to the United Stated in 1975. He opened several temples and shrines in California, Texas, Alabama and Maryland, and introduced ancient Buddist mind cultivation practive to Westerners.



1. Hye-Am : Formal Talks
2. Hye-Am : Patriarchal Hwa-du (Kona-An)
3. Hye-Am : Dharma Cross-Examination
4. Hye-Am : Informal Dharma Talk
5. Bodhidharma : On Lineage
6. Bodhidharma : On Mind Watching
7. Pojo : The Golden Teaching of the Mind Cultivation
8. Pojo : Sublime Functioning of True Mind
9. Kyung-Ho : Accomplishing Buddhahood
10. Myo-Vong : I and Thou



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