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The Conscious Parent
The Conscious Parent
The Conscious Parent
Item#: 9791190457194
Regular price: $33.58
Sale price: $28.54

Product Description
Title: The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children
Korean Title: 깨어있는 부모
Author: Shefali Tsabary
Publisher: Namumind
ISBN: 9791190457194
376 page /153 * 218mm/ 489g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

"The journey of being a parent with bright children" When I can entertain someone, I feel a little less afraid of my imperfections. It's not because of the satisfaction of being treated or rewarded, but because the fact that we can help someone seems to be the surest way to prove that we are not isolated. It doesn't end with me because I stay as me.

However, the opportunity to share such exchanges with strangers is rare, and many people seem to experience this for the first time in the relationship between parents and children. The book contains stories that anyone can refer to, from beginners, people who raise children alone, and people who take care of children instead of parents, but it is not children who make mistakes in the anecdotes that appear. Rather, it mainly contains the mistakes of adults who are completely moved by the world and who do not recognize the soul far away to be broken yet.

The pattern varies from one's own standards that no one has verified, what parents think is a social conventional wisdom, and frustrated dreams. Give up things that parents think they know better than their children, give up trying to project their desires, and maintain an equal relationship. A book about beautiful opportunities to learn and grow from each other as different people. What remains may not be genes, but the warmth that has continued between them.

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