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Courage to be hated 2
Courage to be hated 2
Courage to be hated 2
Item#: 9791168340787
Regular price: $28.11
Sale price: $23.89

Product Description
Author : Kisimi Ichro
Publisher : Influential

Lesson from the Adler for free and happy life

This book is written in Korean only.

About this book

A young man who was taught about a free and happy life and decided to change with buoyant expectations, but after a few years, he returned to the philosopher saying he had a 'serious concern'. What happened to the young man in the meantime? What was he frustrated with when he left the philosopher's study with the hope that everyone can change with 'courage'? It was the problem of applying Adler's psychology, which was passed down from a philosopher, to reality. In fact, "Courage to be hated 2" was written in the question of 'Can I not only understand but also practice the psychology of Adler?' and thus presents a more specific and practical solution than the previous one.

The book, which begins with a young man's confession, "The thoughts of Adler are messy and deceitful. I am in grave agony over whether to throw away Adler or not," ends in just one night, unlike the first discussion, which took place over five nights, but the battle between the young man and the philosopher is much fiercer than the previous one. Those who read the question of the young man, who seems to represent the reader's heart, will immerse themselves again as if they are the main characters in the book, and will be surprised by the new insight into "love and independence" finally reached with the two speakers.

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