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Democratization and Globalization in Korea
Democratization and Globalization in Korea
Democratization and Globalization in Korea
Item#: 8971414790
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Product Description
by Chung-in Moon (ed.)

size: A5, 422pages. publisher: Yonsei University Press, 1999.

Table of contents
001. Introduction
003. The Consolidation of Post-autocratic Regimes
004. Democratic Reform and Consolidation in South Korea
005. Elite Settlement and Democratic Consolidation in Korea and Taiwan
007. The Kim Young Sam Presidency in Comparative
009. Globalization
010. The Historical Develipment of Korean Globlaization
011. Korea's Affair with Globalization
012. Korea's Foreign and Security Policy in an Age of Democratization and Globalization
014. Globalization, Nationalism, and Security Options for South Korea
017. Korea's Economic Reform
018. Economic Justice and Social Welfare
019. Political Learning, Democratic Consolidation
021. Popular Respouse to Korean Democratization in Comparative Perspective
023. Globalization and International Competitiveness
024. Democratization and Globalization
025. The Kim Young Sam Government
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