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Diary of Dana in Korea - 'Learning Korean language and culture with cartoon'
Diary of Dana in Korea - 'Learning Korean language and culture with cartoon'
Diary of Dana in Korea - 'Learning Korean language and culture with cartoon'
Item#: 9788976999764
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Product Description
Diary of Dana in Korea is a book for basic and intermediate level learners who are beginning to be accustomed to Korean life. The lives of foreign student Dana and Korean college student Areum in the cartoon allow the learning of a vivid Korean language and a lively Korean culture. This book was written in the hope of allowing Korean learners to be able to communicate fluently and confidently.

Episodes by characters of unique individuality with 100% sense of reality! Diary of Dana in Korea is composed of situations that foreign learners in Korea are expected to face frequently. Grouped thematically, these stories follow the Korean lives of the two characters, Dana and Areum, to depict their vivid experiences.

Easy Korean for any learners above the basic level! Diary of Dana in Korea includes dialogues with Korean expressions used in real life conversations. All dialogues are easier than the intermediate level of the ¡°The Standardized International Model for Korean Language Education¡± that allows basic and intermediate level learners to read without difficulties. For confusing expressions, English translations are provided.

Must-know tips of Korean culture! After each episode, the ¡®Cultural Tip¡¯ section provides detailed and practical cultural information that are not mentioned within the episodes. It clearly explains not only the living culture that could stimulate curiosity while living in Korea, but also the often obscure, must-know details.

Vivid voices of the characters can be played through the MP3! This book provides the MP3 file recorded by professional voice artists which includes all dialogues of the characters. Learners can enjoy studying the Korean language by practicing their speaking skills while listening to the dialogues.

Selecting preferred episodes at any time and everywhere! Diary of Dana in Korea is easy to read whenever and wherever. Because the book is comprised of unrelated episodes, readers are free to choose the episodes in order of preference.
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