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Item#: 9791197015298
Regular price: $37.74
Sale price: $32.08

Product Description
Title: DO IT
Korean Title: 두잇
Author: David Cha
Publisher: ARC
ISBN: 9791197015298
352 page / 152*223 mm / 493 g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

With the 2023 Financial Crisis, the U.S.-China Hegemon Wars: The 12 Most Specific Ways To Prepare For The Final Time, and DO IT To Be The Winner! DO IT Do It is a book based on the messages of the 10th Lighthouse Special Prayer Meeting, which ran from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16, 2022. A total of 12 DO IT messages have transformed many saints around the world with 4,800 live viewers and an incredible 2 million cumulative views.

In a time when everyone is struggling to survive, I decided to organize the 12 messages called DOIT, thinking about whether there is a way for actual faith growth to move toward God's calling. If someone had told me this story in my 20s, I could have escaped this Babelon track much faster. However, no one has told me this, and I would like to explain all the stories I have learned by bumping into my bare body in this book.

If the three-year period of COVID-19 was the first vibrator in the world, the next three years will be the second one in which the saints of God, who were asleep through the financial and geopolitical crises, will wake up. Through this book, DO IT workers will be the last missionary runners of G2 Korea to handle missionary work in Central Asia in the era of evangelical unification and missionary Korea, and will be refurbished with generations of priests preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ again.

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