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A Dreaming Plants
A Dreaming Plants
A Dreaming Plants
Item#: 9788973379798
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Product Description
Author: Oisoo Lee
Publisher: Haedam Publishing Co.
228 pages | A5 |148 * 210mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

It was born through a fierce bloody battle.
Think again about the sympathy of the soul and human salvation!

The novel series "The Five Senses of Novels", which is newly read with five codes, publishes the second part after the first publication "Kwangho-do" in February of this year, "Mystery, Fascination, Fascination, Deviation and Fantasy." This series, which was designed to showcase the best-selling novels of foreign writers who have discovered inner selves and sought human's true salvation as a sensible compilation for a new generation, is the "Golden Scale 1, 2" It will be published.
As a writer who focused his attention on the emotion inherent in his works rather than the style of novels and listened to the voice of joy sent by his readers rather than evaluating the paragraphs, he stated that he would "refrain from prolificity" His feature novels, including "Monsters" (published in 2002), show only six works, but show the power of being a bestselling author for 30 years of his work.

The second part published this time is the first full-length novel debut work of the writer of the other writers, and the work "dream plant" (the estimation of 300,000 copies) which caught the attention of the public at the time of publication with the previous work and the life of the strange and the traveling, , And the "Carl" (estimated 600,000 copies), which he wrote as the last tweet in a situation where it is difficult to predict.
At the same time as the rise in 1975, the artist who got the opportunity of the previous work which was not given to the new artist, completed and announced the "dream plant" within three years. This novel, with its loss of family and loss of morality, loses its sense of reality, and through the wandering 'I', delicately expresses the life of the sad young people who can not survive without dreaming in the net of relationships that can not be separated. It is a work that is done. Kim Hyun Sung, who is a small artist, criticized the "delicate sensibility" presented by a writer of other works in this work. He said, "There is a burning as a principle that can deny the world." These sensibilities are the works of Kim Seung Ok, Hwang Seok Young, Yun Heung Gil, "The dreaming plant tortures me so badly," he said. Professor Lee Seung-hoon of Hanyang University said, "There is a terrible aesthetic like a water snake."
In his rare thoughts, "Carl", which he completed in the shortest period of a year, thought that he was the last work before death, It is a novel. Park Jung-dal, who had been forced to surrender to the armed forces from childhood, was absorbed in the collection of knives and found spiritual stability. But to overcome the reality of losing justice, his mission to complete the legendary legacy of communicating with human soul . Literary critic Kim Sang-il has highly valued the development of thoroughly calculated works hidden behind the commentary and skillful interpretation of "the work of expressing the homology of man and the universe".
An extraordinary writer who shows fruitfulness after each crop of work through intense wandering and painful suffering. The novel, "The Other Five-Story Novel" series, which unfolds his 30-year literary life, will be the occasion to re-engage the message that "the person who can save himself saves the world".

The field of human degradation caused by the fall of the family
Where is the end of wandering and loneliness of devoured human beings?

The little brother, a son who grew up in love with his mother, became a loner in his house with the death of his mother. It is the last house of the red light district, the father, the big brother who runs this place, and the women who came from all over the place ... ... . One day a little brother comes back and a woman who is a woman comes into a new village and changes.
At this time I get to know Jung - hee in college and fall in love, but Jung - hee leaves me to try to have fortune to meet by chance instead of saying that she wants to break up. I am harassed by the shame and disappointment of the house ... ... .

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