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Earth Journal, I Write
Earth Journal, I Write
Earth Journal, I Write
Item#: 9791130610320
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
Author: Dong-wook Shin
Publisher: Dasanbooks
472 pages | 148 * 212 * 32 mm /632g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Actor, Shin Dong Ook, was recently diagnosed with CRPS. Despite these hard times, he chose to use his time to the best of his abilities and wrote this novel. Although it may be a fun and easy read, the novel is a sentimental piece of work—the author weaves his personal stories within the protagonist, Mac McCutcheon’s, story.
Mac McCutcheon, a wacky businessman who loves planet Earth, meets Dr. Anna Kim, a theoretical physicist, and falls in love. The two meet when they are assigned to the Space Elevator Project. McCutcheon leaves Earth for outer space in order to capture asteroids needed for the construction of the elevator and starts to keep a journal during this time. Meanwhile, Dr. Kim shares her life’s experiences starting from the first time she met McCutcheon. In the course of searching for asteroids, McCutcheon drifts into a vast universe in distress. Mac is determined to keep his promise of returning home to his wife. Will Mac be able to return safely back to Earth and into his wife’s arms?

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