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Eat less the less healthy you are
Eat less the less healthy you are
Eat less the less healthy you are
Item#: 9788997484225
Regular price: $26.42
Sale price: $22.45

Product Description
by Shibata Doshihiko, Yoon Hyelim(translation)
size: 223*152mm; 244 pages,
publisher: Junnamusoop

This book is written in Korean only.

About this book

If you read the experience of the writer, you’ll want to decrease your calorie intake right away. But you have to get rid of all the common sense and stereotypes that had taken you over until now. The things are that ‘you have to intake the necessary calories in a day (2500 kcal for adult males, 2000 kcal for adult females)’, ‘When I’m not feeling well, I have to eat medicine or supplements to get more energy’, and ‘If I’m fat, I get a life habit disease, and if I’m thin, I get weak’.

You may think that if you eat little, you may get weak and get sick, but it’s not like that. You’ll get more energetic and healthier. The thing that take away your energy and give you illnesses is your habit of ‘eating only what tastes good’. People who have pets would know, but dogs and cats starve for days when they feel unhealthy. They know by instinct that if they don’t eat, they let those organs rest, and the body takes care of the problem by itself and get healthy again. Humans have this system in their body, as well.

The author explained through the reduction of maximizing the effect of ‘subtracting’ what is excessive, not ‘adding’ what is lacking. And with that, he proved that ‘skinny people can be healthy’ as well. He also confirmed that minimizing the food intake has no negative impact on your health. From this, the wasteful structure of ‘spending a lot of money to eat and then spending money again to heal the disease from it’ must be fixed right away.

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