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Esperanza Rising
Esperanza Rising
Esperanza Rising
Item#: 9788988996591
Regular price: $16.98
Sale price: $14.43

Product Description
Title: Esperanza Rising
Author : Pam Muņoz Ryan
Publisher : A-chim I seul
ISBN : 9788988996591
277 page/ 149*210mm 360g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Esperansa lived like a princess in a fairy tale without knowing the world. The 13-year-old girl, along with her personal tragedy, has a history of the 1929 Great Depression and the deportation of Mexican immigrants to her home country.pass through social yoke A growth novel about a girl's self-consciousness, affection for the family community, and the process of realizing an unfair reality.

Esperanza and her mother, who were ladies and princesses of thousands of acres of large farms, move to the U.S. to avoid their uncles who want to remarry their mothers for their father's death, fire and property. Those who have been reduced to farm workers must also fight racial discrimination, economic difficulties and the heat wave in the valley as they adapt to hard daily life, strange countries and unfamiliar classes.

Faced with various problems, Esperanza feels like she has fallen into a deep valley. But she gets strength from her father's love for the land and leaves the valley. He has overcome his loss and fear and has a view of family love and society, and has become an adult full of interest and affection for his neighbors.

The work, modeled after her grandmother, tells the story that the ups and downs of her personal life cannot be separated from history or society. Life is neither a smooth road nor a one-time event. It depicts a girl growing up calmly in a narrative of pain and hope, going down and climbing up the valley again.

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