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Exploring Korean
Exploring Korean
Exploring Korean
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Product Description
Intermediate - High Intermediate Reading Topics

by the Institute of Continuing Education of Kyung Hee University

size: 257*188mm; 152 pages. publisher: Minjung Sorim, 2000.

About this book

This insightfull reading textbook explores many topics of interest. The topics are very suitable for adult students who are interested in Korean society. This book is meant primarily for non-Korean students who have basic reading skills in Korean to touch up on or enhance their reading skills. This will enable them to gain enough fluency to be able to read and understand Korean.

Table of Contents

PART 1: Society, Culture and Arts
- Society
1. Human Relations in Korean
2. Age and Addressing People
3. Food, Clothing and Shelter
- Culture
1. Family Celebrations
2. Wedding Ceremony
3. Holidays
4. Famous People of Korea
- Arts
1. Korean Musical Instruments
2. Video Arts of Nam-June Paik
3. Mask Dance

PART 2: Health, Sports and Gender
- Health
1. Are You in Danger of Lung Cancer?
2. Stress Relief
3. A Little Amout of Alcohol Can Prevent a Heart Disease.
- Sports
1. Taekwondo
2. Sumo and Muetai
- Women and Men
1. Have You Ever Heard of Computer Dating Agency?
2. Double Income Family
3. Are You Satisfied with Your Body?

PART 3: The Korean Culture within the World Culture
- Funerals of the World
1. Korean Funerals
2. Funerals of the World
- Way of Living
1. Korea's Floor Heating System (Ondol)
2. Tatami and Igloo
- Palaces
1. Deoksugung in Korea
2. Taj Mahal in India
3. Versailles in France
- Famous Buildings of the World
1. Bulguksa in Korea
2. Opera House in Australia
3. Parthenon in Greece
- Alcohols in the World
1. Makgeolli in Korea
2. Mexican, French and Mongolian Alcohol
- Food in the World
1. Korea's Kimchi
2. Italy's Pasta

PART 4: Politics, Economy and Education
- Politics
1. Era of Athens Starts Again
2. Politics of the Cyberworld
3. Civil Rights
- Economy
1. Korea's Economy
3. Economic Prospect of Korea in the Year 2000
- Education
1. Educational System in Korea
2. New Educational System in the Millennium Era
3. An Overflowing of Female Teachers in the Elementary and Middle Schools

PART 5: Environment, Internet and Science
- Environment
1. Global Greenhouse Effects and Water Shortage
2. We Like to Live with Clean Air and Water
3. Environment Preservation Activities of Civil Organizations
- Internet
1. Shopping on the Internet
2. Internet Revolution Changing the World
3. Cyber School
- Science
1. Can Human Beings Live Forever?
2. A Trip to Space Now Becomes a Reality
3. Digital Changes the World

PART 6: Literature and North-South Problems
- Literature
1. Season of Buckwheat Flowers
2. Story of Simcheong
3. Queen Seondeok and a Peony Blossom
- North-South Problems
1. Hui-seon's Family and Their Fraternal Love
2. Visiting the Land in Dream and Offering to Ancestors
3. Playing Basketball between the South and the North in Pyeongyang: A Starting Place of Unification

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