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Fables and Idioms 100 (Read-along in English)
Fables and Idioms 100 (Read-along in English)
Fables and Idioms 100 (Read-along in English)
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Product Description
English Bestseller 1
by 21 Segi Yong-o Yon-guhoe

size: 210*148mm; 240pages. publisher: Goodmorning School, 2000.

About this book
This book introduces the fables, proverbs and idiomatic phrases from Korea and China and tells the behind stories of these expressions for easy understanding. This book will be useful to the readers who want to understand Korean culture and those who are craving for more advanced Korean expressions as well.

Excerpt from the book

Marking the Boat to Locate a Lost Sword

In the Spring and Autumn Period, a man of the state of Cho was ferrying across Yangja River. When, by mistake, his sword dropped into the water, he immediately carved a notch on the side pf the moving boat to mark the place where his weapon was lost. "What's the use of making a notch there?" asked a fellow passenger. The man replied, "That's where my sword dropped into the river. I'll jump into the water from the same place to find my sword when the boat moors." And that was just what he did when the boat got to the other side of the river. However hard he tried, he could not locate his sword.

Table of contents

1. Marking the Boat to Locate a Lost Sword
2. Cartloads and Bushefuls
3. Crowing like a Cock and Snatching like a Dog
4. Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water
5. A Castle in the Air
6. While Walking in a Melon Patch or under a Plum Tree
7. Rubbing One's Eyes Before Looking at Somebody
8. A Cunning Rabbit Has Three Holes
9. A Single Hair out of Nine Ox Hides
10. Kicking up the Dust and Coming Back
11. Ghosts Are Conceived in the Mind
12. Western Paradise
13. A Sheep Going Astray on a Forked Road
14. Bringing the Daed Back to Life
15. The Man of Gi Feared That the Sky Might Fall
16. Paper Becoming Expensive in Nakyang
17. Two of a Kind
18. Dream of Southern Branch
19. South-Pointing Shafts and North-Going Tracks
20. Old but More Spirited

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