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Fantasy Bookstore
Fantasy Bookstore
Fantasy Bookstore
Item#: 9791164798926
Regular price: $29.25
Sale price: $24.86

Product Description
Author : Seorim So
Publisher : Happy books to you

This book is written in Korean.

"There you are, we've been waiting for you." I've watched over the bookstore for countless hours, and immeasurable days of longing for someone.

One day, one night, one road. There's a bookstore where you can go when you've lost your way. The time to rest is infinite. You don't have to buy a book, and you can listen to the bookseller read if you want. All you need to enter is a bit of determination and a tiredness that wants a break. That's it. The owner of this bookstore, which has no set opening or closing hours, tells his customers spooky stories, but somehow his voice is tinged with sadness. He looks like a ghost, his white, transparent skin radiating coldness, but with a gentle smile, he tells you he's been waiting for you and asks you what you want to hear. He has been waiting and longing for someone for countless hours, and I wonder how long he has been waiting for a customer in this spot. There is a customer who wanted to hear a warm story, but kept coming back to the bookstore to hear the sad and strange stories that the bookstore owner would tell. A fantasy bookstore filled with old trees and moss is located in the middle of nowhere. The bookseller, with his warm smile and gentle manner of speaking, is somehow familiar to me, and I find myself visiting him whenever I'm feeling down. Do I have a crush on him? I'm not sure if I want to hear his stories or see him.

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