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Father's liberation Diary
Father's liberation Diary
Father's liberation Diary
Item#: 9788936438838
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.05

Product Description
Title: Father's liberation Diary
Korean Title: 아버지의 해방일지
Author: Jeong Ji-a
Publisher: Changbi Publishers
ISBN: 9788936438838
268 page /124 * 188mm/ 287g

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

"My father is dead. I hit my head on a telephone pole." Jung Ji-ah's novel began to reach readers with the Chuseok holiday. Writer Rhyu Si-min's "Bounce South" by Okuda Hideo, a comedy between an anarchist father and son!It has been since I recommended this novel with the example of >. The novel, which earned a reputation as "the most interesting and powerful book I've ever read this year!" Writer Jung Ji-ah, who suffered a sales ban and prosecution at the time of publication of "Daughter of Partisan," rewrites the first sentence of the novel in 32 years.

"My father is dead. With her head stuck in a telephone pole." (Page 7) My daughter, a university lecturer, experiences her father's funeral, which was a partisan, and for three days, she experiences another side of her father, not the father I knew. Who was the father? a partisan father He used to plead not to clean every grain of dust because it was materialistically precious. Materialist who says he doesn't believe in death. He is a socialist but has endured labor by anesthetizing himself with soju because labor is not ripe at all. detrimental to the progress of one's younger father's son in association having an affair Partisan chose to be partisans on his own, but the daughter of the partisans is not her life, so the daughter remembers this "poor reality of the old revolution" (page 52) with a mixed feeling. Like the confession of a character in the novel, "I think I will understand the word "without a doubt" (p. 62), each of us's father's hateful, humble, and pitiful appearance keeps fluttering "without a doubt."

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