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Folk Painting - Handbook of Korean Art Vol.4
Folk Painting - Handbook of Korean Art Vol.4
Folk Painting - Handbook of Korean Art Vol.4
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Product Description
by Yeolsu Yoon, Wonjun Nam(translation)

size: 170*130mm; 376 pages. publisher: Yekyong, 2003.

The Folk Painting installment of the Korean Art Book series presents an in-depth survey of a unique genre of Korean painting that flourished during the 18th to the early 20th centuries.

Viewed at the time as inferior to the traditional mainstream of classical Chinese scholar-painting, Korean folk painting was the work of humble artists who declined, indeed, were probably unable the date or their names on the masterpieces.

While reflecting Chinese influences and themes prominet in early literati painting, Korean folk paintings represent distinctly Korean techniques, composition, subject matter, and style.

The author organizes this book's 100 illustrations into categories by subject, including flowers and birds, Buddhist-inspired lotuses, insects and flowers, the 10 Long-life symbols, scholars bookshelves, dragons, mountains and rivers.

Table of contents
Appreciating Folk Paintings
Hwajodo - Paintings of Flowers and Birds
Yonhwado - Paintings of Lotus
Ch'och'ungdo - Paintings of Plants and Insects
Sogwado - Paintings of Vegetables and Fruits
Morando - Paintings of Paeonies
Shipchangsaengdo - Paintings for Longevity
Ch'aekkori - Paintings of Stationery
Munchado - Paintings of Characters
Ohaedo - Paintings of Fish and Crabs
Hodo - Paintings of Tigers
Yongdo - Paintings of Dragons
Yongsudo - Paintings of Divine Animals
Tosokhwa - Paintings of Buddhist and Taoist Masters
Sansuhwa - Paintings of Landscape
P'ungsokdo - Paintings of Popular Customs
Solhwado - Paintings of Fables

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