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Fragrance, Elegance, and Virtue: Korean Women in Traditional Arts and Humanities (Korean Edition)
Fragrance, Elegance, and Virtue: Korean Women in Traditional Arts and Humanities (Korean Edition)
Fragrance, Elegance, and Virtue: Korean Women in Traditional Arts and Humanities (Korean Edition)
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Product Description
by Song-mi Yi
Original Title: Uri Yen Nyoindurui Motkwa Chihye
size: 169*216mm; 164 pages. publisher: Daewonsa, 2002.

About this book

Looking at today's women active in various walks of life, it is often difficult to imagine what it was like to be a woman in pre-modern Korea. In terms of legal rights and social status, their lot was not much different from that of women in pre-modern Western countries.
However, when it comes to lack of freedom in daily life, women of Choson dynasty Korea (1392-1910) have few parallels in the world. They were required to lead a severely restricted life as dictated by strict Neo-Confucian moral standards. Under these circumstances, however, some women were able to express their remarkable talents and intellect through literature, painting, calligraphy, and scholarly writings. Although these few women represent but a tiny fraction of all the women of this time, their sheer presence together with the concrete evidence of their creative endeavors has made a lasting imprint in Korean history.

About the author

Yi Song-mi is a professor of Art History at the Academy of Korean Studies. Concurrently, she is a member of the National History Council of Korea, and official body which overseas scholarly writings on Korean history. She is also a member of the editorial board of Archives of Asian Art and of the International Council of the Asia Society. Previously, Professor Yi Served as the president of Korean Art History Association, professor at Duksung Women's University and director of the university museum.

Her numerous publications include Western Influence on Korean Painting of the Choson Period (in Korean, 2000), Architectural Treasures of the World as Seen by an Art Historian (in Korean, 2000), Japanese Painting Appreciation (in Korean, 1999), The Fragrance of Ink: Korean Literati Paintings of the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910) (in English, co-author, 1996), and Korean Costumes and Textiles (in English, co-author, 1992).

This book is written in Korean only.

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