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From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea
From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea
From Tradition to Consumption: Construction of a Capitalist Culture in South Korea
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Product Description
Korean Studies Dissertation Series 2
by Dennis Hart

publisher: Jimoondang, 2001.

About this book
From Tradition to Consumption is a ground breaking work that provides a wonderfully innovative and insightful explanation of the eclipse of tradition society and the rise of a new consumer culture during South Korea¡¯s recent march to economic development. The book convincingly portrays this shift to cultural modernity as the product of larger state polices on industrialization as well as the reasoned response of people to rapidly shifting forms of labor, everyday life, and state narratives. Key to this transformation from agriculture to a modern life has been the drastic alteration of the family form a unit of production to a unit of consumption.
This state-led development also has redefined gender roles in Korea. The pressing needs for production and consumption to bolster economic development have resulted in the creation of a middle-class family marked by the white collar male and the urban housewife. These new social roles serve to make the process of consumption central to the family, and to promote the act of consumption to be the basis for modern identity.

Chapter One Materialist Culture and Korea
Materialist Culture
Variations and Agency within Materialist Culture
Consumerism and Hegemonic Culture
Korea, Cultural Change and Agency
Situating Materialist Culture Within Korean Studies

Chapter Two Korea¡¯s Historical Traditions and Legacies
Traditional Family Relations and Structure
The Family and Group production
Confucianism and the Traditional Family
Yangban and Commoner Families
The Yangban Wife and the Commoner Wife

Chapter Three Industrialization and the Family
Urbanization and the Family
From Production to Consumption
From Home Production to Wage Labor

Chapter Four Inventing the Modern Patriarch: Consumption and the Family
The Patriarch, Past and Present
Consumption and the Middle Class Male
The Patriarch¡¯s Changing Economic Basis
Concluding Thoughts

Chapter Five Creating the Korean Housewife
The Shift to a Modern Working Woman
Creating the Korean Housewife
Consumption and The Modern Home
A New Role, A New setting, and A New Dilemma
The Social Role of Modern Homes
Educating the Modern Housewife
The Housewife as a Homebound Social Role

Chapter Six Advertising in Korea: Articulating the Materialist Culture
Ideological Hegemony, Modern Society, and Mass Media
Koreans and Their Mass Media
Advertising in Korea
Korea¡¯s World of Advertising
Conforming to Live in the New World
Preying on Popular Malaise
Advertising¡¯s Foreign Allure
Concluding Thoughts

Chapter Seven Conclusion: Forgetting the Past and Repositioning Politics
Forgetting the Past
The Consequences of Materialist Culture For Politics
Korea¡¯s Political Milieu
The June 1987 Demonstrations
Concluding Thoughts on Korea and the Study of Change
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