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Ggubbessiyi Hangbok Yeoheang
Ggubbessiyi Hangbok Yeoheang
Ggubbessiyi Hangbok Yeoheang
Item#: 9788995501443
Regular price: $25.47
Sale price: $21.65

Product Description
Korean Title: Ggubbessiyi Hangbok Yeoheang
Author: Francois Lelord
Publisher: Oraedoenmirae
220 pages 200*143mm

   Important! Please read before you order!

****** This book is written in Korean. ******

About This Book

Hector and the Search of Happiness- Francois Lelord
A special guide go happiness that took over every European's hearts by a psychologist
In the book stores of Paris, France in 2002, one book has become a big issue. The story is about a psychologist, who used to heal people with scars on their emotions, who goes on a journey to find the true meaning of happiness. The author himself is a famous psychologist in Paris, like the main character. He is Francois Lelord, who had already achieved fame as an author through books that diagnosed the causes of the complicated depression of the modern man through logical yet easy methods instead of the usual psychological analysis and hard theories. As he saw people who lived uneasily every day, he believed that one story could move people more than any psychological studies, so he wrote a book on the bases of his experience and thoughts as he treated his own patients.

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