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[DVD] Gingko Bed 2 (aka: Legend of Gingko / Region-3)
[DVD] Gingko Bed 2 (aka: Legend of Gingko / Region-3)
[DVD] Gingko Bed 2 (aka: Legend of Gingko / Region-3)
Item#: 12130
Regular price: $25.95
Sale price: $22.06

Product Description
Original title: Tan Chok Pi Yon Su: Unhaengnamu Ch'imdae 2

Starring: Kim Seok-Hoon, Kim Yun-Jin, Seol Gyoung-Gu, Choi Jin-Sil, Lee Mi-Sook
Director: Park Je-Hyun
Studio: CJ Entertainment
Rating: 15 +
Genre: Action

This DVD is encoded with Region 3. Make sure your DVD player plays Region 3 DVD's

About this DVD

Dan, a god of endless love, Jeok, a god of absolute love, Bi, a god of sad love, Yeon, a god of un-possessing love and Soo, a god of desire which deserted love. Two tribes, Mae and Hwasan are living under the mountain of god which controls the heaven and the earth. The ambition of the tribe Mae, which desires to control the heaven and the earth, leads to a battle with the tribe Hwasan and the tribe finally be cursed by the god of mountain. Cast to a barren land, the tribe Mae is waiting for the day of reconstruction of the tribe. After some hundred years have passed, Soo, a woman chief of the tribe Mae, with her dream to govern the earth and to control the eternal lives of her tribe, becomes pregnant by Han of the tribe Hwasan. The only way for the resurrection of the tribe Mae is to offer Bi as a sacrifice to cut the lineage of the god of mountain. Han finds out this, and he saves Bi just before he was put to death for sacrifice. He takes Bi and heads for his home town Hwasan. He becomes an intimate friend with Dan, Jeok and Yeon. Dan and Jeok fight to be selected as the best warrior of the tribe Hwasan. Jeok wins the fight and he becomes the successor of the tribe according to the rule. Dan falls in love with Bi, without knowing Bis destiny that he will have to die as a sacrifice later. One day, an earthquake hits the village, and the whole village becomes chaos. Bi realizes that the mountain of god calls him and understands about his fate. Bi gives up his life to prevent the misfortune of his tribe and decides to leave for the mountain of god. Meanwhile, a huge number of warriors of the tribe Mae head for Hwasan village to search for Bi.

Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 & 2.0  
Video Format: Anamorphic 1.85:1 
Languages: Korean 
Subtitles: English, Korean, Japanese 
Country Made: Korea 
Region Code: 3 
Year Made: 2000 
Running Time: 117 
Special Features: Interview with Crews, Theatrical Trailer, Production Notes, Cast Information, Deleted Scenes, NG Footage, Sound Track, Music Video, TV Commercial, Highlights, Director's Speechs, Photo Gallery, Slide Show, Double Layer 


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