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Global Korean 1
Global Korean 1
Global Korean 1
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Product Description
by Ji-Ryong Lim, Eung-Yung Lee, Young-Soon Kim, Seon-Jung Kim

size: 257*188mm; 178pages. publisher: Jung Lim, 2000.

About this book

There are thousands of languages in the world. Among them, Korean is one of the main languages, having more than seventy million native speakers. In addition, Korean has a history of more than five thousand years a valuable heritage of Korean literature. Therefore, understanding and using Korean fluently can be a shortcut to getting closer to Korea and Korean culture.

"Korean textbook complication committee at Kyungpook National University" has come to design the series of Global Korean to provide linguistic aid for students from complete beginners to advanced level.
This volume is suitable for beginners. Its contents are designed to exemplify essential everyday conversation. It is composed of 15 units. Lesson I and 2 are devoted to the practice of the Korean alphabet Hangul. Lesson 3 through 15 are made up of Main Text(along with English, French and German translations), Vocabulary, Extended vocabulary practice, Grammatical explanations and Excercise sections.
At the back of the book, the main texts and reading passages are appendixed. Therefore, this textbook will be suitable for second generation Koreans to practise at home and for weekend Korean schools.
This will also be useful as an elementary couse at university language institutes.

Table of contents

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Hangul I
Lesson 2: Hangul II
Lesson 3: This is Tom/ Voilà Tom/ Das ist Tom
Lesson 4: I'm from Britain/ Je viens d'Angleterre/ Ich komme aus Britannien
Lesson 5: Nice to meet you!/ Enchanté de faire votre connaissance!/ Ich freue mich, Sie kennenzulernen!
Lesson 6: There are five people in my family/ II y a cinq personnes dans ma famille/ Meine Familie besteht aus fünf Personen
Lesson 7: What is this?/ Qu'est-ce que c'est?/ Was ist das?
Lesson 8: Yes, it's very delicious/ Oui, c'est très bon/ Ja, es schmeckt sehr gut
Lesson 9: How many months are there in a year?/ Combien de mois y a-t-il dans une année?/ Wie viele Monate hat ein Jahr?
Lesson 10: Where is the post office?/ Où est la poste?/ Wo ist die Post?
Lesson 11: Give me a stamp, please/ Un timbre, s'il vous plaît/ Geben Sie mir bitte eine Briefmarke
Lesson 12: Thanks for inviting me/ Merei de m'inviter/ Danke für die Einladung
Lesson 13: What is your hobby?/ Qu'est-ce que tu aimes?/ Was ist dein Hobby?
Lesson 14: What time is it now?/ Quelle heure est-il maintenant?/ Wie spät ist es jetzt?
Lesson 15: What's the weather like?/ Quel temps fait-iI? Wie ist das Wetter?
Appendix: Speaking and Reading

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