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God's Favorite House
God's Favorite House
God's Favorite House
Item#: 9788977823150
Regular price: $24.53
Sale price: $20.85

Product Description
Author: Tommy Tenney
Publisher: Tokijangyi
Pub Date: Sep. 2004
Pages: 304pp,150*225mm

Written in Korean Only

Do you have fond memories of the house in which you grew up? What are those memories? Recalling the warm events that happened in that home rather than the physical structure of the house is what would make you "homesick." If God were ever to get "homesick" for any of the houses of worship on earth, where would that be? What events at that location would provoke the eternal mind of God to label that house as His favorite, to forever memorialize it in His own memory?

Man seeks God encounters at what he calls "God's house," but God seeks man encounters at what He calls "man's house." Remember the names? "Moses' Tabernacle," "David's Tabernacle," "Solomon's Temple"? God has searched the earth for intimate worship since the garden of Eden.

What would happen if the ancient patterns and old blueprints were rediscovered? What if the anointed practices were refreshed and restored? If we could "rebuild" that house, would He "revisit"?

While the landscape is littered with multimillion dollar steeples piercing God's atmosphere and stained windows coloring His sunshine, it would seem that the choice of His favorite house would be elaborate. Prepare to be surprised as you discover God's Favorite House.

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