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Goodbye, Lee Jae-myung
Goodbye, Lee Jae-myung
Goodbye, Lee Jae-myung
Item#: 9788991622869
Regular price: $28.30
Sale price: $24.05

Product Description
Title: Goodbye, Lee Jae-myung
Korean Title: 굿바이, 이재명
Author: Young-ha Jang
Publisher: JW books
ISBN: 9788991622869
240 page /148 * 210 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

It will change Korea. The start of a new chapter.

The book that took off Lee Jae Myung's hidden face on the mask!

Most of the strong's excuses are false. The weak's defense is mostly true.

People's obsession is quite scary. Once you have doubts about someone, you first think, "It's absolutely not," and then slightly change your mind to, "It can't be." And then, "Maybe..."If you wonder if you're going to fall into a side road where you say, "No, it's definitely like that." I'm sure it will!" puts weight on the conviction side. No, I'm pushing it to that side. This was the case with people's attention to Lee Jae-sun, the older brother of presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung. Lee Jae-myung's continuous 'lie' to the head of the household who had a simple dream, saying, "What is more valuable than all the respect in the world is to be a father respected by sons and daughters," quickly grew like a snowball, making people obsessed. "As if to cast a spell". No way. No, definitely!' would have made him obsessed at some point. The repeated lies wielded by power were not simple. This is because a person's injustice by lying did not end up distorting and burying only the individual's life. It was common for other close people and families who shared the era to be distorted and buried. The distortion and burial of life of an individual wielded by power was truly disastrous and terrible. It did not end in Jori-dol-rim and Mungseok-mal. Using the obsession psychology of the crowd lined up in front of power, the target individual was pushed to the extreme corner. And in the end, it caused an unfair death of one person. Those in power and those who lined up in front of him became accomplices.

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