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Golden Paper (Vol.1-2 SET)
Golden Paper (Vol.1-2 SET)
Golden Paper (Vol.1-2 SET)
Item#: 9791167140722-39
Regular price: $69.81
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Product Description
Title : Golden Paper (Vol.1-2 SET)
Korean Title : 황금종이 1,2 세트 Author : Jo Jeong-rae
Publisher : Hainaim
ISBN : 9791167140722-39

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

Park Hyun-kyu, who is troubled by a sudden lawsuit at his aunt's house, visits his friend Lee Tae-ha, a lawyer. A cousin filed a lawsuit to take more of the inheritance his father left for his mother. Lee Tae-ha, a trusted and hard-headed lawyer, advises the family on how to resolve the issue smoothly before even a legal dispute. In this way, around lawyer Lee Tae-ha, there are appeals and steps from those who are conflicted over money issues. Park Hyun-kyu and Yoon Min-seo, two high school classmates who work as executives at large companies, introduce Lee Tae-ha to various events and support his beliefs and activities.

Does the bloodline fade in front of money. Rampant war between daughters who want to receive an equal inheritance and sons who want to have more, and "cab raid". Those who don't have it are even tougher. Tenants who are in conflict with the building owner who suddenly demands a fourfold increase in monthly rent, and an elderly man who makes a living by delivering cigarettes and alcohol to teenagers. Where is the end of the desire to be swayed in the face of the money. Park Hyun-kyu's daughter suddenly broke up with a man she was dating, raising questions...….

Park Kyung-sook, who succeeded as a pharmacist and accumulated tremendous wealth, is famous for her terrible thrift and saving of picking up dried radish leaves from the marketplace. However, he collapsed overnight and became a vegetative person, and the cause is shocking...…. Bae Seung-woo and Lee Dong-wook, who are immersed in gambling and investing in virtual currency, decide to take last revenge on a series of failures. Yoon Min-seo's cousin, Yoon Han-seo, is shocked when her father in his 70s, who was living alone after the wound, one day said he would officially marry a middle-aged woman. There is only one reason why the children who are gathered together like a moon are dissuading their father…….

Jun Jin-hye, a job seeker, accidentally gets a high-priced job and encounters an unexpected situation, taking care of Roh, who has difficulty moving around the clock, while despairing of a frustrated job. Yoon Min-seo's cousin Ko Jong will file a lawsuit against the university after learning belatedly that his father with dementia agreed to donate 50 billion won of his assets to the university before his death. In response, Yoon Min-seo asks Lee Tae-ha to take charge of the case, mentioning 1 billion won in fees…….

Today, clients, desperate by money, eagerly knock on the door of lawyer Lee Tae-ha's office.

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