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Grandchildren's Byeongbeop Reading in English
Grandchildren's Byeongbeop Reading in English
Grandchildren's Byeongbeop Reading in English
Item#: 9788961672948
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Product Description
It was written by the grandson of a strategist from the Qian Dynasty during the 8th and 3rd centuries BC. It is a representative classic of the Orient from ancient to modern times, and is known as the best military law book.
It was introduced to Europe in the 18th century under the title "The Art of War".
In particular, he emphasized "defeating enemy resistance without fighting" as the best military method, leaving the strongest impression on all strategists in the East and the West.

This book, "The Handicraft of Reading in English", contains the original text of Lionel Giles (1875-1958), a 20th-century English Chinese author and philosopher, and the Korean translation.

Chapter 1 LAYING PLANS : 작전을 세우다17
Chapter 2 WAGING WAR : 전쟁을 수행하다29
Chapter 3 ATTACK BY STRATAGEM : 지략으로 공격하다39
Chapter 4 TACTICAL DISPOSITIONS : 전술적 작전계획49
Chapter 5 ENERGY : 주도권 장악59
Chapter 6 WEAK POINTS AND STRONG : 약점과 강점71
Chapter 7 MANEUVERING : 기동작전 또는 책략87
Chapter 8 VARIATION IN TACTICS : 전술의 변화101
Chapter 9 THE ARMY ON THE MARCH : 전략적 진지 구축109
Chapter 10 TERRAIN : 땅과 하늘의 형세127
Chapter 11 THE NINE SITUATIONS : 아홉 가지 상황143
Chapter 12 THE ATTACK BY FIRE : 불을 이용한 공격173
Chapter 13 THE USE OF SPIES : 첩자의 활용183

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