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Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology
Item#: 9788987985718
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Product Description

Author: Lee Yoon-Sun
Publisher: Yeolin Seanggak
189 page | 223*152 mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in English and Korean

About This Book

1. The Birth of the World and the God
2. The Birth of Zeus
3. The Twelve Gods and Goddesses in Mount Olympus
4. The Origin of Human
5. Prometheus Who Stole the Fire
6. Pandora's Box
7. Hermes's Tricks
8. Apollo and a Laurel Tree
9. The eyes of Argus
10. Orpheus's Love
11. Midas's Golden Hands
12. King Midas Has Donkey's Ears
13. Sphinx's Riddle
14. Echo Who Became an Echo
15. Narcissus Who Loved Himself
16. Phaethon and the Sun Chariot
17. Pyramus and Thisbe
18. Arachne Who Became a Spider
19. Icarus's Wings
20. Clytie Who Became a Sunflower
21. The Story of Sisyphus
22. Hero Hercules's Power
23. Eros and Psyche
24. Pygmalion Who Loved the Statue
25. Dionysus and Wine
26. Trojan War
27. The Weak Spot of Achilles
28. The Trojan Wooden Horse
29. The Return of Odysseus
30. Atalanta's Race
31. Perseus Who Won Medusa

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