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Assistant Manager Kim's easy knits these days
Assistant Manager Kim's easy knits these days
Assistant Manager Kim's easy knits these days
Item#: 9788901254678
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Product Description
Korean Title: 김대리의 쉽게 뜨는 요즘 니트
Author: Needle Story Assistant Manager Kim
Publisher: Woongjin Living House, 2021
224 pages.188*255mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean only.

About This Book

PART 1 Before we start knitting
Introducing Tools
Get ready for the thread
Top-down and bottom-up
Understanding Gauge
Reading the design

PART 2 Needle Hand Knitting Foundation Techniques
01 | Catching the nose
02 | Exterior
03|Doesn't open
04 | Nose Covering
05| k2tog
06| ssk
07| kfb
08| pfb
09| M1L
10| M1R
11|M1L (in)
13| Picking up the nose from the nose
14| Picking up a nose from the platform
15 | Empty the Needle
16|1co rubber needle finish
17|Circle hoop and magic loop
18|Sleeve separation
19|Continental floating and how to cope with nose loss

PART 3 Knit sweater that you want to wear every day
01 | Cotton 3 Short-Sleeved Top Down T-shirt
02 | Fashion Aran Long-sleeved Cardigan Set
03| Peel Mohair Sua Lux Balloon Top Down Sweater
04 | Peel Air Peruvian Brioche Turtleneck Vest
05 | Seven Easy Top-Down Cable Knit
06 | Peel Gardening Turtleneck Top-Down Sweater
07 | Cotton Mini-Con Bottom-Up V-Neck Sleeveless
08 | Drifter Basic Vest
09 | Drifter Unisex Top-Down Setup
10| Majestic Breosh Knit Zip-Up Cardigan
11|Cotton 3 Short-Sleeved Top-Down Cardigan
12|Cotton Mini-Con Twisted Bottom Sweater

PART 4 Knit accessories that I want to wear every day
13|Butter 6 Twisted Knitted Bucket Hat
14| Satin Merino Wool Classic Aran Scarf
15|Feel Soft Finger Gloves
16|Solo Cashmere Handheld Gloves
17|Peel Soft Broken Lip Socks

Appendix 1 7-Easy Top-Down Cable Knit Signature Design (Size 10, M, 2XL)
Appendix 2 Cotton Mini Con Twisted Bottom Up Sweater Symbol Design (M, L Size)

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