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Healing Society
Healing Society
Healing Society
Item#: 8986481650
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Product Description
Korean Title: Healing Society
Author: Seung Heun Lee (Ilchi Lee)
Publisher: Han Mun Hwa Publishers
216 pages | 188*128mm

Important! Please read before you order!
>>>This book is written in Korean.

About This Book

A Prescription for Global Enlightenment by the Creator and Grand Master of Dahnhak and Brain Respiration

We have arrived at a crossroads in the spiritual history or humanity. We must recognize the potential for, indeed the need for, a mass spiritual awakening in which humankind finally comprehends the truth that “we are all one.” World religion, institutions, and prophets throughout history have failed to accomplish this global breakthrough in awareness. How will this fundamental spiritual understanding finally be articulated to the masses, Energy. Called “Ki” in eastern traditions, energy is the natural bridge that connects body, mind, and spirit, and is the perfect tool for allowing people to feel and understand the universe’s most profound truth.

·From the author of Brain Respiration
·Brings the concept of spiritual enlightenment our of churches and monasteries and into our homes and workplaces
·Provides the only tool, lacking in most of our world’s spiritual traditions, that can be used by all individuals, all the time, to experience the most fundamental spiritual truth
·There are 360 Dahnhak centers worldwide

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